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The Monteith multi head salmon fishing fly line

The Monteith full floating salmon fishing fly line

The Monteith, multi tip, sinking, salmon fishing fly line

The Monteith, Spey casting, salmon fishing fly rod

Salmon fishing fly lines by Jock Monteith

Spey casting fly fishing lines by Jock Monteith

The world's Speycasting industry offers many products. Professional Scottish Ghillie and expert casting instructor Jock Monteith cuts through the confusion and offers the consumer superb salmon fishing fly lines and Spey casting fly fishing rods that have been carefully created and tested by many of the world's leading Speycasters.

At TheMonteith.com we are only interested in providing high performance & quality built Speycasting products directly to the consumer. Our objective is long-term consumer loyalty built through trust. Our own range of products is not available through tackle dealers; all of our own products are proudly British built.

Jock Monteith, salmon fishing guide and Spey casting instructor


The Monteith multi-head spey casting fly fishing line

Salmon fishing fly lines